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5 Most Common Heating Repair Problems

Nov 8

heating repair near me Suisun City, CANo one wants their heating to go out in the middle of winter. Unfortunately, heating repairs are often needed when we need them the least. To help you be prepared, we've compiled a list of the five most common calls for professional heating repair Suisun City, CA.


  1. Thermostat Issues 

The thermostat is the brain behind your heating system, telling it when to turn on and off. If your home isn't reaching the temperature you set on the thermostat, or if the system turns on and off frequently, there may be an issue with the thermostat itself. Thermostats are relatively inexpensive to replace, so this is usually a quick and easy fix.

  1. Dirty Filters 

Dirty filters are one of the most common causes of heating issues. Over time, dust and dirt can build up on the filters, restricting airflow and making it harder for your system to do its job. Replacing your filters regularly is an easy way to extend the life of your heating system and prevent repairs down the road.

  1. Pilot Light Issues 

If your system uses a pilot light to ignite the burner, a dirty pilot light can cause issues. A dirty pilot light can also be a sign that there is excess dirt and debris in the system, which will need to be cleaned out by a professional.

If the color of your pilot light is yellow instead of blue, it is also likely a sign that your system needs to be serviced. This usually means that there are impurities in the air supply that need to be cleaned out.

  1. Refrigerant Leaks 

If your heat pump isn't working properly, it may be due to a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is what helps absorb heat from outside and bring it into your home, so a leak will make it much harder for your system to do its job. This is a more serious problem that will require a professional heating repair near me Suisun City, CA.

Keep in mind that refrigerants are also very harmful to the environment, so it's important that you always choose a reputable professional who is experienced with heat pump repairs.

  1. Faulty Wiring 

Faulty wiring is another serious problem that can cause your heating system to malfunction. If you suspect there may be an issue with the wiring in your system, it's important to call a professional heating repair near me Suisun City, CA right away as this could be a fire hazard. 

Having a reliable heating system is important for staying warm and comfortable during cold months, so it's crucial to have your system regularly serviced and maintained by professionals

You see,  prevention is the best way to avoid costly heating repair near me Suisun City, CA. With regular maintenance from a professional provider, you can help prevent problems like dirty filters and refrigerant leaks that could lead to more serious issues. So if your home feels a little cold this winter, don't hesitate to reach out for help!


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