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How Much Does It Cost To Fix a Heating System?

Nov 5

Living in a cold climate comes with a lot of perks. You get to experience all four seasons, bundle up in cozy sweaters, and drink hot cocoa by the fireplace. But there is one downside to living in a place with freezing temperatures — the cost of heating homes! 


If you’ve ever found yourself with a broken heating system, you know that the costs can quickly add up. But how much should you expect to pay for a heating repair in Lyndhurst, NJ? This blog post will give you a breakdown of the most common repairs and their related costs. Keep reading to stay warm and informed!


Average Cost of Furnace Repair 


There are a few things that can go wrong with your heating system, and some of them are more serious than others. Below are the average costs of fixing commonly damaged components of heating systems.


  1. Thermostat issues - If your thermostat is not working properly, it could be a simple fix, like replacing the batteries. However, if the problem is more serious, you may need to replace the entire thermostat.


Cost: $100 - $300 


  1. Blower motor -  The blower motor is responsible for circulating air throughout your home. If it stops working, your furnace will not be able to heat your home correctly. 


Cost: $150- $450


  1. Flame Sensor -  The flame sensor is a device that tells the furnace when to ignite the gas. If it is damaged, the heating system will not be able to turn on. 


Cost: $75-$250 


  1. Ignition system -  The ignition system lights the gas in the furnace. If it is not working, the unit will not be able to heat your home. 


Cost: $150 - $250

  1. Heat exchanger -  The heat exchanger is responsible for transferring heat from the furnace to your home. It's generally recommended to be replaced instead of repaired for safety purposes.


Cost: $500 to $1,500


Take note that the abovementioned costs are just ballpark figures. Several factors will affect the actual price of the heating repair. So it’s always best to get an estimate from a reputable heating repair contractor to know how much you need to pay for the repair.

What Affects The Cost of Heating Repair Service?


Let’s take a look at some of the factors that contribute to the high cost of heating repairs.


  1. The Cost of Labor

The cost of labor is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the overall cost of heating repairs. Heating systems are complex and require trained professionals to repair them. 


On top of that, heating repair companies need to make a profit so they can stay in business and continue to provide their services. All of these factors contribute to the high cost of labor for heating repairs.


  1. The Cost of Parts

Another factor that contributes to the high cost of heating repairs is the cost of parts. Heating systems are made up of many different parts, and when one of them breaks, it can be very costly to replace. In some cases, the component may no longer be manufactured, so it needs to be sourced from a third-party supplier, which can drive up the cost even more.


  1. The Cost of Time

Heating repairs can also be very time-consuming, which can drive up the overall cost. In some cases, the repair may require multiple visits from the heating repair company to fix the problem correctly. It means you will have to take time off from work or other obligations to be home for the repairman, which can add even more cost to the already expensive repair bill. When you call for repairs will also impact the price of the service.


Heating repairs are never fun, but they are especially not fun when you get socked with a huge bill for something you weren’t expecting. The costs can quickly spiral out of control if you don’t know what you’re doing. By understanding some of the major factors contributing to the high heating repair cost, you can be better prepared for when your heating system inevitably breaks down.

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