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5 Most Common Heating Issues During Winter

Apr 12

Most homeowners don’t care about their heating system until winter comes. It’s when you’ll experience heating issues you might find frustrating. This is also the primary reason why HVAC professionals encourage you to check your furnaces right before colder months arrive.


During winter, there are common issues you might encounter, and fortunately, you can do something to solve them before you call a professional.


Furnace Won’t Turn On

There are times when your furnace won’t turn on instantly after you switch on its thermostat. This issue doesn’t mean you need to urgently call heating experts in Sylvania, OH.


When you encounter this issue, you might need to check all the power sources connected to your heating system. Ensure that all power sources are connected, and there is no power outage. Likewise, check if the blower compartment is closed and double-check if the thermostat has the proper settings.


Furnace Fails To Ignite

Turning on your furnace should also warn the system to activate itself after reaching the set temperature. However, if the heating fails to start its process, the issue could be with the ignition system. It could occur because of a damaged ignitor, incorrect installation of the ignitor, and dirty ignition. When the problem lies in the electronic ignition itself, it would be better to leave it to professional heating tech in Sylvania, OH.


Poor Or No Airflow

You can quickly notice if your furnace isn’t distributing its expected heat throughout your house. This is one great example of airflow issues, and it happens because of some reasons you can check. First, see if the vent registers are open and check if you have any problems with your ductwork, like clogs or leaks. If you don’t have the tools to clean and repair the ductwork, it would be better to call a professional heating tech in Sylvania, OH..


Faulty Thermostat

When you switch your thermostat and it isn’t responding appropriately, you have to check the device. Ensure that the thermostat is placed in an internal wall far from lighting and kitchen equipment. You should also inspect if your thermostat is installed correctly and tightly into its seating. Lastly, switch your system to ‘heat’ instead of ‘auto’ to adjust temperatures. If you think your thermostat needs further inspection, immediately reach out to a heating company in Sylvania, OH.


Cool Air Blowing From Furnace

There are a few underlying issues when a furnace emits cool air instead of warm air.

The first reason is the incorrect settings of your blower. You must set your blower settings to ‘on’ instead of ‘auto’ to get warm air once the thermostat reaches the targeted temperature. Other reasons also include a malfunctioned ignition and massive duct leaks.


These are the type of issues you can’t just solve on your own, and professional help from a heating company in Sylvania, OH is what you’ll need.


Do You Prefer a Professional Technician to Check Your Heating in Sylvania, OH?

If you want to be sure and don’t want to risk your heating system, calling a professional technician is the best thing to do. Checking and solving minor issues are just fine, but if you think it needs a thorough inspection, don’t hesitate to call a heating company.


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