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When Should I Get My Air Conditioning Repaired?

Mar 31

A trusty air conditioning system is arguably an essential household appliance to help you survive the hot weather in Rosamond, CA. However, did you notice how AC problems usually occur during the most inconvenient times? 


Air conditioning units are almost always pushed to their limits when the sun is in full blast. That’s why it’s inevitable to call for AC repair Rosamond, CA in the middle of the warm season. 


A well-functioning AC system is essential for your family’s comfort and health. The key to a trusty AC is maintenance service. Learning what to look out for can help prevent the hassle by nipping it in the bud while the issue is still minor. 


To help you out, here are the top signs that you need AC repair: 

Warm Air

An AC has one main job: to make the air cool. If you notice that your AC is no longer blowing out cool air like it’s supposed to, the first step is to check and adjust the thermostat. 


Make sure that it is set to cooling mode, then lower the temperature. If the problem persists, this may indicate a faulty compressor. In which case, you need to contact a professional for AC repair Rosamond CA. 

Poor Airflow

Even if your air conditioner can let out cool air, this will not circulate in your room or home if the airflow is weak. Unfortunately, there is much more uncertainty regarding an airflow issue. It could be as simple as another compressor issue, a blockage, or something as serious as a defective motor. 


The best course of action if you notice poor airflow from your AC is to contact an expert in AC repair Rosamond CA

Strange Odors 

AC units are not supposed to smell. A musty smell can indicate microbial growth in the coil, ductwork, or other internal components of your AC. This poses a health hazard to anyone in the room or house. Check your AC with utmost caution for anything that may cause the smell. If it cannot be identified, it is advised to seek the help of professionals immediately.


The most common issues handled by experts in AC repair Rosamond CA are AC leaks. These are commonly caused by a blocked or broken drain tube and a refrigerant leak. These types of leaks are concerning and warrant a call to a professional. However, it is essential to note that refrigerant leaks are more severe and must be treated with urgency since refrigerant is poisonous. Remember, any moisture leaking from your air conditioner is an issue. 

Unusual Sounds

Unusual sounds coming from inside your AC like buzzing, grinding, or scraping indicate an internal issue with your air conditioner. This calls for AC repair Rosamond CA. Depending on the sound, you can narrow down the cause as a loose part, a belt moving out of place, or a more severe problem altogether. Regardless, scheduling a repair will help protect other parts of your AC, no matter the issue. 

If In Doubt, Call a Professional! 

We have said this a lot, but only because it is necessary. We at All Heart Heating & Cooling care for you and your family’s safety and comfort. Air conditioners may be a hazard when they are broken. 


That is why it is important not to take matters into your own hands. Call a professional to inspect and fix your AC’s problem and save yourself from the trouble of having to do it. 


Get yourself the help you need. Don’t risk yourself just to fix your AC! Contact us now and get your air conditioner up and running once again.