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6 Symptoms of a Failing Blower Motor in Your Furnace

Mar 8

A failing blower motor is one common issue homeowners have with their furnaces. The symptoms for this can vary greatly, depending on what type of furnace you have, how old your system is, and where the specific part has failed. And often, a heating repair service in Palmdale, CA will be necessary.

By taking note of each symptom listed below, you should be able to diagnose whether or not your furnace needs a heating repair service or a new blower motor. Here are the signs you have a failing furnace blower motor: 

Blower Motor is Making a Grinding Noise

A grinding noise will be heard from inside the unit with a defective blower motor, and the sound may get louder over time, depending on how severe the damage is.

If the blower motor has failed internally, there are typically no other symptoms besides this sound. Schedule a heating repair service in Palmdale, CA to solve the problem.

Blower Motor is Making a Loud Rattling Noise

When your unit's fan blades are wobbling around or making loud rattling noises while spinning inside the unit, you have problems. This could mean that one or several blades have become unbalanced because they break apart due to excessive stress.

Other possible causes for this symptom include loose screws, bolts, and bearings, but typically, it indicates a failing motor at the end of its life cycle. To solve this, your technician should do a heating repair service in Palmdale, CA. 

Short Cycling Blower Motor

Furnaces will shut off and turn back on in cycles, depending on the type of heating system you have. Some heat pumps will run for a full hour if it is cold enough outside, while an older furnace may only keep running for a few minutes at a time.

If your furnace keeps turning itself off and back on in quick succession, then this could be due to a failing blower motor. Get a heating repair service in Palmdale, CA today! 

Running Furnace Fan But Not Heating Up

When you turn your furnace on, it will stay on until the unit reaches a certain temperature set point. This setpoint is adjustable in some older units, but newer units come preset to around 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

This means that once your furnace's heat exchanger warms up enough to reach that temperature, the fan should shut off.

If your furnace fails to reach the setpoint and kills the power to the blower motor (the fan), then it could be an indicator of a failing blower motor.

Furnace Will Not Turn On At All

If you are not getting any power to your home's heating system, no matter what controls you use, then there could be something wrong with the wiring or the electricity supply coming into your home. You should contact an HVAC professional or electrician so they can inspect the unit to ensure that the problem is not internal to the furnace.

Extremely Hot Furnace Exhaust

The heat coming out of your furnace exhaust should be cool enough for you to place your hand in without burning yourself, although it may feel warm or hot to the touch. If you feel a blast of extremely heated air coming from the unit, then this is a possible indicator that your furnace's blower motor is beginning to fail.

The fan blade speeds up and wears out, and cannot push as much air through. This could also mean that your heat exchanger has warped slightly due to high temperatures produced inside it over an extended period. So have a professional to inspect or do heating repair service in Palmdale, CA

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