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What's The Cheapest Heating System To Install?

Jan 12

Budget is one of the primary deciding factors when choosing a heating system. For those with financial restrictions, below is a guide to help you find the best heating system that fits your budget. 

Types of Heating System & Installation Cost


The type of heating system with the lowest upfront price would be an electric furnace. But if you hire a professional heating system installation company in Gladewater, TX to install the unit, the total cost would be quite high.  


Electric boilers, on the other hand, are the cheapest ones to install. But the equipment's price could be a bit higher than the electric furnace. Nevertheless, it's the most affordable. You may only have to spend a thousand bucks at the least. 


Next to that would be an electric furnace, costing more or less $3000, installation included. The most expensive to purchase is a gas boiler. But if you're going to include the installation cost (which you should), the spot for the most costly equipment would be taken by a geothermal heat pump. 


In this case, it's clear that the cheapest option is the electric boiler. But don't place an order yet. Those who already have a heating system know that the equipment's price and the installation cost aren't the only things that should be considered.

The Operation's Cost


Apart from the purchase and installation cost, it's important to consider the cost to run the unit. You may have the cheapest one to buy and install, but if they consume too much energy but don't really provide enough warmth you need, the unit will cost you more in the long run.


One of the variables you should look at to get an idea about how much you'll spend running the unit would be its efficiency. Calculate the unit's Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE). Ask help from your local heating system installation contractor in Gladewater, TX. 


The unit's power source cost will also affect its operation cost, so don't forget to look into it. 


Heating systems run on either natural gas, propane, oil, or electricity, among many others. 


As mentioned above, electric boilers are the cheapest heating system to buy and install. But not in terms of operation. Electricity may cost twice as much as gas. So it may not be ideal if you're looking to save money. Furthermore, electricity generation leads to the production of gasses that's not good for the environment. 


If you choose gas-powered heating systems, you're going to spend way less. Furthermore, gas is considered a clean energy source. Unfortunately, these types of heating systems are not as efficient as electric-powered heating units. 


The cheapest heating system to run is a geothermal heat pump. Installing this unit may be insanely expensive, but you'll get a return on investment. This type of heating system extracts heat from the ground to warm your home.


Apparently, geothermal energy in your property is free. What's more, this type of heating system can also cool your home in the summer. 

What's The Cheapest Option?


It's pretty hard to tell, especially without knowing your situation. Aside from the aforementioned factors, there are many other variables that could affect the cost of owning a heating system. You need to consider the availability and cost of the power source, the need for insulation, etc. For instance, you have equipment that can generate electricity from natural sources. In this case, electric-type heating systems may be the cheapest to purchase and run. 


If you want to know the heating system that fits your budget and requirements, it's best to discuss it with a trusted heating system installation contractor in Gladewater, TX. 


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